• Basic of Accounting and Financial for Working Executives


    The broad objectives of the program are to enable the executives to:

    # Understand and take decision based on information given in financial statements

    # Prepare essential statements to keep a control over the progress of the project

    # Gain familiarity with essential tools for financial analysis and

    # Understand models and frameworks of making corporate financial decisions


    Participants will be provided with readings and the sessions will be a combination of lectures and discussions, numerical exercises, case analysis and a simulation exercise to enhance the concepts and learning.


    Not Available!
    ​Business is built on a foundation of numbers - Revenues, cost ratios, valuations, performance measures etc. These numbers are the science behind the art of making crucial business decisions that would determine the current and future health of a company. Many corporate executives have no formal training or education in interpreting these numbers which are presented to them by the accounts or the finance department. Thus, to make effective managers out of these executives a clear understanding of such numbers is essential. It is therefore, not without reason that Accounting and Finance (A&F) are two of the most exciting areas of management that many executives want to discover or explore in more detail. Most A&F textbooks, however, are either too advanced or too simplistic to make it meaningful to a practicing manager. 
    Middle and Senior Management Executives
    Executives in Production and Sales Department
    Project Managers
    Graduate Engineers with at least five years of work experience
    Any Technical person who is moving into a managerial role
    Residential- Rs. 35000+ Taxes
    Non-Residential - Rs. 30500 + Taxes
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