Your gain as a partners


We know that your time is important and also, that you are in this training and development business. In the growing economy and in the competitive scenario it is more important that your time and effort is spend to get better returns in shortest span of time. Here we bring you a hassle free web site, which will help you to square of your training delivery and ensures that your class rooms, workshops, seminars have full occupancy, that bring better results to you and your organization.

Gain to Institutes, Trainers & Consultants.

  • Provides an online marketing platform for training partner services and products.
  • Helps you to have market presence and win more business with more clients spread.
  • Increase your Internet presence by adding your press releases and special offers.
  • Get your courses listed and launched on our social networks including Twitter, Facebook and Linked In.
  • You can list programs in our site and invite applications in advance.
  • We do segmented approach for sending invite to larger public, corporate and professionals which will give desired results in short span.
  • Increase the chance of full occupancy for all the programs and get better returns on investment.
  • We provide review, analysis & feedback for the program delivered.

To list you or your institute, please contact us. We will be more than happy to meet/talk to you and understand what your needs are.

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