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Welcome to KeepMeTrained.com, web based training search and booking portal which provides a simple, streamlined channel for individuals and corporate to access an expansive world of professional training courses.

This portal enable you with training programs, events, workshops, conference, seminars happening across cities in India. You just need to select, book and attend the program.

We do understand that your organization may not always have the time, resources or expertise necessary to research the marketplace for the most suitable training. This means that sometimes training takes a back seat in priority and the employee’s needs are either not satisfied or inefficient training is conducted. Either of these actions can result in a decrease in productivity and profitability.

We dedicate ourselves in providing the best solutions available to assist your organization in molding employees into skilled professionals. We assure that the training investment is of the highest quality available, at a reasonable price, resulting in increased productivity and profitably. This can be accomplished without spending vast amounts of time researching the market by allowing us to do it for you.

All aspects of our working relationship and interactions will be infused with proactive, honest and transparent communications. We embrace your concerns and feedback and will proactively make continuous improvement, to ensure our Training portal lives to its core values. Our goal is to help customers find everything they need in one place, with usability and accessibility.


The concept and idea was triggered in the year 2011, when one of our friend enquired about an executive training program and we couldn’t find it anywhere in India after a considerable amount of search in Internet. We have done quite number of search in Internet and couldn’t find one portal for several of training programs. Then the idea of consolidating all training programs in India under one portal and one stop solution for all training needs of an individual and organization was born. It has taken two long years; finally we could launch the organization. It’s simple like any other travel or booking portal. You just need to select, book and attend.

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